Fund solar irrigation projects in rural Nepal

2 million farmers in Nepal suffer from poor yields as they solely rely on rain for irrigation. Solar-powered water pumps can help immensely, but are difficult to finance. By mixing your grant funds with debt financing, we enable farmers to easily access solar irrigation solutions and increase their income.

Off Grid Bazaar lists pre-qualified solar irrigation projects that you can directly fund online and make a huge impact.




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Co2 608

Lives impacted

Co2 64.186 kW

Solar Capacity

Co2 112 Tonnes

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Why is this grant needed?

A solar-powered water pump typically costs $2,000, which is too expensive for a smallholder farmer to buy in one shot. This is much easier to afford if a farmer can pay for it over time, especially as irrigation also helps increase their income over time.


local banks require significant collateral for lending, and they also can’t quantify risk very well, all of which makes financing very difficult, including for other commercial investors.

With your grant funds, we can fund these projects and get them operational right away. We then use the analytics from the Off Grid Bazaar platform (based on data collected from the farmers) to help banks and other investors better understand and quantify the project risks and opportunities.That way, they have more confidence to fund future projects, thus enabling more farmers to access irrigation and help their communities thrive.

Install first batch of 100 projects

We aim to install the first 100 solar irrigation projects with your help, and generate success stories based on real operational metrics and repayment data. This will create confidence, reduce perceived risk, and catalyze further private investment for future projects.

Why it matters?

Studies suggest that irrigation increases the net income of smallholder farmers by 30 to 100%. Yet, over 70 % of agricultural land in Nepal is unirrigated. Solar water pumps can help but have not scaled because:

majority of rural farmers can’t afford the upfront cost in cash, nor can provide collateral required by financiers

cost of financing is prohibitively high which makes the investment unattractive to both farmers and equity investors

How funding works

Off Grid Bazaar helps you research and fund solar irrigation projects that make a huge impact for rural Nepali farmers.



Create a login using your email address or a social media account.



Browse our project listings, research project details and impact metrics, and select projects you’d like to fund.



Enter amount you want to contribute as grant funds. Pay with PayPal or with your Credit/Debit Cards.



100% of your contribution will go to the farmer. You can track the progress of the project in "My Investments" and we will also send you regular email updates.

Who are we?

Off Grid Bazaar is developed by Gham Power Nepal Pvt. Ltd., a solar project developer based in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Established in 2010, we have deployed over 2,000 solar projects with a cumulative installed capacity of over 2.5 MW. We are the first company in Nepal to introduce pay-as-you-go services for rural energy customers like smallholder farmers.

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